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OUT ROAD LUCK is a general term for the creative activities of mixed media her artist Rei Masaka.

Without being bound by one style of painting, I am constantly exploring a new world view by experimentally combining painting materials and techniques.


眞坂 麗

Rei Masaka / Mixedmedia Artist

1992.5.1生まれ / 秋田県出身、山形市在住




Born 1992.5.1

Lives in Yamagata City, Japan

Graduated from Tohoku University of Art &Design,

Department of Graphic Design

​Uses mainly acrylic paints, watercolors, sprays, pastels and colored pencils. Not bound to one style of painting, and always experimenting with different materials and techniques to create a new world view. Also active in music jackets, live painting, signage and shop decoration.

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