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OUT ROAD LUCK is a general term for the creative activities of mixed media her artist Rei Masaka.

Without being bound by one style of painting, I am constantly exploring a new world view by experimentally combining painting materials and techniques.



“OUT ROAD LUCK”は、道を外れたものたち、肉体をなくしたものたちへ、どうか幸運をと、祈り創造した言葉です。









We are intertwined living heat haze placed on the same landscape.


“OUT ROAD LUCK” is a phrase I created as I prayed for those who have lost their ways and those who have lost their flesh. It was a supernatural gift that was brought into my palms after continuous effort of reaching for the loved ones I’d lost and the things I could not see. 


I myself is a broken vessel. Someone who’s gone outside of what’s considered the “right” ways. As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt like I’m trying to put water in a broken vase using a ladle with a hole on the bottom. This intense unsatisfactorily frustration and loneliness has always been in my heart. In search of escape from such cold emptiness, I found painting.


You may find most of my art rather obscure. 

I go back in my old memories and dreams and grasp fragments of fog-like images that I could find, then put them down on the canvas. I want to paint something that you feel like you’ve seen before but you know you haven’t. Subliminal images like things that haven’t quite had definitive meanings yet. That is the the concept of what I express through my art.

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